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African refugees that escaped slavery in the Americas and formed independent settlements were called Maroons. The term can also be applied to their descendants. The same root word also gives us the English verb "to maroon".

When runaway slaves banded together and subsisted independently they were called Maroons. On the Caribbean islands, runaway slaves formed bands and on some islands formed armed camps. Maroon communities faced great odds to survive against oppressive attackers, obtain food for subsistence living, and to reproduce and increase their numbers.

There is much variety among Maroon cultural groups because of differences in history, geography, African nationality, and the culture of indigenous people throughout the Western hemisphere.

Maroon settlements sometimes developed Creole languages by mixing European tongues with their original African languages. Other times the Maroons would adopt the local European language as a common tongue, for members of the community frequently spoke a variety of Mother Tongues.

What you are about to hear is A Families journey to reacquire their Mother Tongue through song. Their goal is to reacquire that which was lost in the Middle Passage. Let this music, Maroon Music; serve as their testament to freedom in a world that has nothing but contempt for the self liberated.”


from Adetokunbo: Maroon Music, released April 7, 2015


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